I was raised in the urban Navajo way. I was baptized in the Rio Grande river by my godfather and introduced into the sweat lodge when I was a baby by my mother and have been ceremonial ever since. My whole life I've felt that I've witnessed serendipitous spiritual events, have picked up on certain nuances about the natural world that lead me to believe what I have been taught since I was a child could be true. I have been apart of sacred ceremonies that have shaken modern society's chains from my brain. But still it's difficult for me to truly believe in this other world, especially since I am just as much apart of suburban city culture as I am in the spiritual way. This series is about a song by Buffy St. Marie entitled, ‘God is Alive, Magic is Afoot’. This series is my journey through finding truth and falseness in my spirituality throughout these modern times and throughout my urban lifestyle. Justin Guthrie is a photographer from Albuquerque, NM.