In Conversation with Stephen Goldstein

Interviewed by Timothy Frazier
Images by Stephen Goldstein

TF: How did you get into photography?

SGGrowing up, I borrowed small digital cameras from my parents to take photos in our backyard and on vacation, eventually that led to my Mom buying me my own camera in High School, I started to take photography more seriously and it all took off from there.

TFTell me about your series, Approaching Garland.

SG: Approaching Garland is a project about small communities off the grid, scattered around the outskirts of Flagstaff, Arizona. People who live in a rural setting, off the land, and settled in the mountains of Northern Arizona. The work revolves around a significant forest road in Parks, Arizona, called Garland Prairie.

TFYour photographs feel very midwestern. How has living in Arizona influenced the way you photograph?

SGLiving in Arizona all my life,  I've been heavily exposed to nature and vast landscapes. I feel like southwestern landscapes are the roots of my personal photography, and influence my style no matter where I might be.

TFWhat in life scares you more than anything else?

SGNot following my dreams.

TFIf you could photograph anyone from any time era, who would it be and why?

SGThat's a difficult question. I could list many, but I'll go with Stephen King (the writer) because his work is something out of this world to me, and I feel like I could talk with him for hours on end, while I photograph him of course.

TFOutside of photography, what are you interested in?

SGWhen I'm not taking pictures, you can find me staying active outdoors: hiking, cycling, calisthenics, slack lining and more.

TFWhat's next for Stephen Goldstein?

SGI'm preparing for my move out of state sometime this year, and I am also brainstorming my next project wherever I might be. I plan to be on the road a lot as usual.

Stephen R. Goldstein (b. 1997) is a Photographer currently based out of Arizona. He graduated with a B.S. in Photography from Northern Arizona University in 2019.