A platform for photographers,
by photographers.

The Photographic Bandwidth was founded in 2017 by freelance photographer Timothy Frazier. After growing increasingly fustrated seeing the same ‘popular’ photographers who attended (insert big name art school in some big city) get published/asssignments by the same photo editors/directors who attended (insert big name art school in some big city), Tim decided to make a platform that would help promote the works of photographers that often get overlooked by larger, more commercially-driven platforms.

TPB promises to bring a different, unique perspective to the photographic community by showcasing the works of photographers, both established and on the come-up, soley based upon merit, skill, and talent - never on the premise of popularity or photographic trends. 

Furthermore, The Photographic Bandwidth is for the photographic underdog. 

If you are interested in getting involved in any capacity, or simply want to say hi: pelase feel free to contact Tim @


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